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Scaffolding/Access at Mt. Vernon Place Washington Monument:

Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Project Scope & Results: J.D. Belfield Enterprises is the "prime" scaffolding contractor who installed the vertical access required for interior and exterior renovations to the Mt. Vernon Place in Baltimore. It is a total turn-key operation which includes stamped drawings designs, scaffold wok deck installation, temporary stair towers, a personnel hoist, proper usage training, maintenance and inspections, and dismantling upon completion. The scaffolding and personnel hoist provide access to all levels from grade to the top of George Washington's head and took about 8 weeks to install.

The Monument has been closed to the public since 2010 after it was deemed unsafe due to excessive water damage. The restoration is a multi-million dollar project that will take a total of 13-16 months for completion with an expectation to be finished by July 2015 for the Bi-Centennial celebration. Located in the prestigious Mt. Vernon neighborhood in downtown Baltimore, the job has had many "eyes" and on-lookers on a daily basis as the work is being performed. The structure was the first architectural monument built in honor of George Washington. Construction began in 1815 and was completed by 1829. The 178-foot column was constructed of white marble and provides excellent views of the city once you have climbed the 228 steps to the very top.

Lewis Contractors is the Construction Manager

Maryland House of Delegates Assembly Hall:
Abatement & Repainting Project

Location: Annapolis, Maryland
Project Scope & Results: Provided a 3,800 square foot "dance floor" style work platform in the historic Assembly Hall in the House of Delegates Building for a major interior renovation project conducted by a General Contractor with an extensive historical restoration resume. Being selected by this General Contractor gave credibility to the growing presence of J.D. Belfield Enterprises as a vertical access source for historic projects. The delicate conditions of the Assembly Hall required skillful attention to all possible obstacles and limitations inherent with Historically sensitive locations.

Bush Street MTA Garage Complex:
Clerestory and Roof Replacement Project

Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Project Scope & Results: Furnish and install a series of temporary stair towers, fall protection decking, skylight protection apparatus, pedestrian overhead protection, and systems scaffolding work platform access for a major Baltimore Area Roofing Contractor performing work at the main garage facility for the Maryland Transit Administration's Baltimore City Bus Fleet. The access was needed for 6 multi-story garage buildings was mobilized in phases, while allowing safe movement of both vehicles and MTA personnel. Safety requirements were monitored regularly. Belfield Enterprises facilitated maintenance of safety protocols by providing Scaffold Hazard Awareness Training for all personnel utilizing the scaffolding. Design drawings provided by a Professional Engineer licensed in Maryland were part of the submittal process. The scaffolding phases of the project was completed on schedule by Belfield Enterprises.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards Warehouse and Sports Museum:
Shell Revitalization

Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Project Scope & Results: This is a project that showed the vertical access flexibility of J.D. Belfield Enterprises as a combination of scaffolding and mast-climbing work platforms were employed in order to complete the replacement of the roofs and the repointing of the facades of both the Warehouse and the Legends Sports Museum. One of the keys to the successful completion of this project was J.D. Belfield Enterprise’s ability to mobilize enough equipment to access more than 1,500 linear feet of mast-climbers and scaffolding; for over 100,000 square feet of facades - while maintaining access/egress for all normal business operations within the Warehouse and the Museum. These protection requirements included both Ravens and Orioles' events that occurred during the construction phases. Multiple Mast-climbers, Systems Scaffold Work Platforms, Temporary Stair towers and Pedestrian & Entranceway Overhead Protection were successfully installed, maintained, relocated and finally removed without disturbing the on-going activities of Camden Yards.

Maryland State House Dome/Roof:
Abatement and Repainting

Location: Annapolis, Maryland
Project Scope & Results: A project that required intricate calculations and extensive design drawings to formulate the best and safest approach to providing and installing scaffolding and debris containment systems on the Historic State House Dome in Annapolis. The project provided a very public view of the high quality of workmanship utilized by J.D. Belfield Enterprises on all of its' projects. The project also tested the durability of temporary structures built by J.D. Belfield Enterprises as it withstood destructive forces which occurred during a major hurricane and earthquake in the summer of 2011 without any serious damage to its' aesthetics or structural integrity.

The Patterson Middle School:
Conversion into Multi-storied Senior Citizen Living Facility

Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Project Scope & Results: Another example of the vertical access flexibility of J.D. Belfield Enterprises as the General Contractor for this project secured a 3,300 lb. material-only hoist for multiple trades usage on the conversion of one of the largest public middle school structures in Baltimore City. The hoist was installed and operators trained in its' maintenance and use with J.D. Belfield Enterprises conducting monthly service of the unit throughout its use at the project.