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Safety Is Our Priority

At J.D. Belfield, there are no shortcuts when it comes to safety. Since we began operation almost 2 decades ago in the Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia region, we have held ourselves & each of our employees to the highest safety standards. We ensure that any of our services including scaffolding systems, swing stages, hoisting, shoring & wall bracing are built with the highest level of structural integrity.

Our staff is trained with rigorous OSHA-compliant safety standards, conducts routine communication surrounding safe work practices, and holds monthly safety training. Each employee is trained on awareness in how to anticipate job site hazards and best practices in maintaining a safe working environment. Each job site is audited routinely by a full-time safety manager to supervise the operations of every phase of the project.

McGruder Building, Washington DC with pedestrian overhead protection by JD Belfield Enterprises

Highly Qualified Team With Extensive Safety Training

At J.D. Belfield we go the extra mile and take additional precautions to ensure each worker is kept safe while working on the project site. We provide job site protections such as:

  • Overhead protection
  • Jobsite containment
  • Safety netting
  • Personal fall arrest systems

We place a very high priority on educating workers on proper procedures and safety requirements for working on scaffolding. Each of our employees undergo rigorous and ongoing training on scaffolding erection/dismantle and safety techniques. We train our team to recognize any unsafe hazards or conditions and are given the authority to stop work to correct any issues they identify. We address all safety issues immediately and work diligently to adhere to and maintain the highest scaffold safety standards for all worksite projects.

When you choose J.D Belfield Enterprises, you will work directly with a highly trained team of engineers & builders who prioritize safety. We conduct multiple safety inspections throughout each project’s life cycle including a complete inspection before releasing the scaffold to be used by our clients and daily inspections for any safety issues before work that day begins. We use only the highest quality equipment to withstand even the most extreme environmental conditions, including heavy ice, snow, high-speed winds, and even earthquakes.

man on construction site with scaffolding, hoists, and construction lifts by JD Belfield

Safety Awards and Certifications

JD Belfield has continually received industry recognition for our outstanding commitment to safety and the work we have done to ensure we provide the safest service to our clients. Some of our most recent awards for safety & Construction are listed below:

ABC Step LogoWBC Craftsmanship Award

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