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Engineering & Design in DC, MD, & VA

JD Belfield Enterprises’ team of expert engineers are ready to help you with even the most complex access projects. Our team will work with you to design a system that will ensure the safety of your team while fulfilling your desired access needs. Since 2004, our full-service team has conquered the most challenging engineering projects and have continually received industry recognition for these accomplishments.

No matter the type of access project, our team is here to help you take on your next challenge. Contact J.D. Belfield for all of your access engineering & design needs in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia region.

shoring and wall bracing building support by JD Belfield Enterprises

Supported Scaffold Engineering

Frame scaffolding is one of the most common types of supported scaffolding and built with traditional frames and braces. This type of scaffold is popular because it’s versatile and can be customized for multiple projects. Frame scaffolds can be constructed in one or two tiers or can be stacked several stories high for use on large construction projects.

Systems scaffolds have become increasingly popular in construction engineering because they are versatile and assemble quickly. Tube and clamp scaffolds are the most versatile type of scaffold design but require the most skill to construct. They consist of tubes and clamps that can be built in any shape or configuration while providing the ability to place work platforms and any elevation.

Rolling towers or mobile scaffolds provide a work platform that can be readily moved to new locations as required. They are typically constructed of frame or system scaffold components.

Suspended Scaffold Engineering

A suspended scaffold is a platform supported by ropes or other non-rigid means from an overhead structure. Our engineers design suspended scaffolds for use by window washers during window cleaning operations or as facade access for other maintenance operations. There are many different types of suspended scaffolds that can be utilized on your project to safely and effectively access the work zone. Mast supported platforms include hoists, lifts, mast climbers and elevators. J.D. Belfield can assist you in the engineering and design of foundations, specialty ties, and unique installations for all mast-supported platforms.

No matter the type of scaffolding project, our team is here to help you take on your next challenge. Contact J.D. Belfield for all of your scaffold engineering needs in Maryland, DC and Virginia.

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