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Personnel & Material-Only Hoisting Solutions in DC, MD, & VA

At J.D. Belfield Enterprises, compliance and safety are paramount to all hoisting projects we support. J.D. Belfield Enterprises provides personnel, material-only, transport platform, and Beta Max Wire Rope hoists that meet the requirements of ANSI and OSHA. Our hoisting offers a wide modular range of transportation for people and materials, which ultimately results in superior flexibility for our customers’ needs.


Wide Range of Solutions

Our employees are among the best in the business and our equipment is unsurpassed. We offer complete hoisting services and lifting solutions.

JD Belfield Enterprises is an Industry Leader in providing high-quality, innovative, and unique solutions for our client’s complex hoist and rigging requirements in and around our Nations Capitol. Our experienced, highly trained professionals and extensive fleet of industry-leading material and personnel hoists are unsurpassed and enable us to execute even the most challenging hoisting requirements our clients have. JD Belfield Enterprises is a full-service, turn-key hoist provider delivering customized solutions designed to meet both the straightforward applications as well as the most complex and challenging of projects.

Hoisting is the lifeblood of your project and JD Belfield is fully committed to ensuring that your hoist requirements are exceeded.

We have a strong team of professionals ready to assist you with design, supply, fabrication, and installation of the best solution for the hoisting needs of your project.

JD Belfield offers Rack and Pinion Personnel/Material Hoists, Material only Hoists, both available in single and dual car units and varying capacities and car sizes. In addition, we can provide engineered design and installation of custom rigging applications using materials from our scaffolding inventory, steel beams, beam trolleys, and cable hoists to enable you to lift whatever you need safely, efficiently, on time, and on budget.

Our Pre-Construction team along with our highly experienced sales staff is ready to speak with you today about your project and provide the best Hoisting experience you have ever had, from start to finish.

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