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Scaffolding Installation & Dismantle in DC, MD & VA

As a minority-owned business, J.D. Belfield Enterprises continues to pursue and compete by offering strong technical support and dependable scaffolding, shoring, hoisting sales and service. Our clients count on us for consistently high-quality products, competitive prices, expert engineering advice, and unparalleled service.

At J.D. Belfield Enterprises safety is our highest priority! We are committed to delivering scaffold and shoring services that meet or exceed all applicable OSHA standards. With an extensive training program in place, our team is well prepared to deliver safe work prior, during, and after all of your projects. Safety is a mindset we practice to ensure we all go home in better shape than when we came.

Our primary expertise is in delivering scaffolding. J.D. Belfield Enterprises utilizes the systems-rosette connecting style of scaffolding; one of the most advanced, sophisticated and complete modular systems on the world market. This style of scaffolding is erected with speed and efficiency resulting in cost savings through labor and scheduling. All components are engineered to lock onto the unique rosette, and the system is designed to minimize the number of pieces and keep all components standard and flexible.

scaffolding erection on building provided by JD Belfield Enterprises

Safe & Effective Installation

Whether it’s a new construction project, historic renovation, or industrial site. Your project requires secure and convenient access for all trades. J.D. Belfield Enterprises can safely and effectively install a scaffolding system tailored to the job at hand. Our state-of-the-art scaffold systems are designed for safety, versatility, and ease of use to save you time and money.

Our staff is committed to delivering unmatched service to our clients. We place the highest priority on working safely, giving great customer service and designing and building scaffolding fitted to our customer’s exact specifications. Through our continued commitment to providing exceptional service, J.D. Belfield Enterprises is able to establish great working relationships with our clients, offering them cost-effective, innovative solutions to meet their access needs.

Erection & Dismantle

J.D. Belfield Enterprises scaffold erection specialists efficiently install and dismantle projects to the highest safety standards. Our goal is to provide access solutions for any size interior or exterior project, allowing our clients to operate in a safe, reliable and efficient manner.

Our erection and dismantle specialists have the necessary experience and training to ensure that your project is completed professionally and on time

Our Frame Scaffolding Services Include

  • Scaffold Design & Engineering
  • On-Site Assembly
  • On-Site Dismantle
  • Training
  • Frame Scaffolding Rentals
  • Product Delivery
  • Frame Scaffolding Sales

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